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Bypass Cloudflare verification

Bypass Restrictions For Efficient And Stable Data Collection

Using ScrapingBypass API, we can easily bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot verification, and don't have to worry about being identified as a crawler and blocked when sending 100,000 requests.

  • Cloudflare
  • WAF、CC Protection
  • GeeTest
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Easily Get Started With ScrapingBypass API

ScrapingBypass API provides a comprehensive crawler solution, including two request modes: HTTP API and Proxy. Developers can choose the appropriate mode according to actual needs and easily refactor old code. Using the HTTP API mode, you can quickly build and integrate your crawler code through the API interface ip address, request parameters and return processing. Using the Proxy mode, with global exclusive static residential proxies, we support multiple protocols and data formats.

  • Curl
  • Python
  • Nodejs
  • Java
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API Request Modes:HTTP API And Proxy

Tools Bypass Cloudflare
Bypass Bot Graphic Verification

Powerful Functions, Safe and Secure Requests

As a powerful HTTP request proxy tool, ScrapingBypass API can not only help you easily bypass anti-robot verification, but more importantly, it provides comprehensive protection for your request security.

  • Anti Robot
  • Bypass Captchas
  • Bypass Cloudflare WAF, CC Protection
  • Set Referer, User-Agent and Headless Status
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Crawler Bypass Cloudflare verification
Crawler Bypass Cloudflare
Our Pricing

Suitable for any individuals or groups

  • Basic

  • $39/Month

  • API Credits: 80000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Standard

  • $59/Month

  • API Credits: 300000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Premium

  • $99/Month

  • API Credits: 1000000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Professional

  • $199/Month

  • API Credits: 2200000
  • Validity: 1 Month

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Access Process


To register an API,Click Register Now

02.Buy a Subscription

Buy according to your needs

03.Call Interface

Quickly access, call the interface, and immediately experience the anti-bot service of ScrapingBypass API.


1. What is the credits consumption in details?

Generally Speaking, A Default V1 URL request = 1 credit. A V2 request with JavaScript Rendering = 3 credits in total.

The V2 version can pass js polling (can render JS); At present, the V2 version does not have a default proxy, which needs to be provided and configured by the user. The V1 version comes with a dynamic proxy.

Absolutely Not. We only charge for successful requests with Response Head:"x-cb-status: ok".

Cloudflare is a great safe guard for lots of sites to avoid hack attacking and data leaking. When scraping data, we need to bypass cloudflare anti-bot detection system for obtaining data smoothly from e-commerce sites whose data is protected by Cloudflare. Under the help of the API of Scrapingbypass, we can easily bypass Cloudflare in python, java, Nodejs and Curl.

Currently, the maximum number of concurrent requests for all of the plans is 20 times/s.

You only need to send us the HTTP request body sent to the target website, and we will completely forward it to x-cb-host, and we also offer an API Docs

Code generator can be used to generate code snippets online for commands such as cURL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and Python to issue HTTP requests.

In this case, there is a high probability that the proxy IP needs to be configured. Choose one of the API mode and the proxy mode to use our service. Chinese users are recommended to use the API mode. Currently, only the proxy IP of the http protocol is supported.

When you submit an HTTP request, the API will send the request for you. This process can make your HTTP request more difficult to identify as a robot so as to make you bypass the Cloudflare verification code as much as possible. And it does not refer to an automatic click on Cloudflare verification code.

Currently, selenium or Puppeteer is not supported, because no browser is used, only browser requests are simulated. but you can use it after combined with antidetect browsers.