Bamou fish collector

Ba Mouyu Web Data Collector is a simple-to-use, powerful web crawler tool with fully visual operation and no need to write code. It has a large number of built-in templates and supports any network data capture. Big data industry data for five consecutive years Ranked first in the collection field.

Fire head collector

Huomoutou Collector software is a web scraping tool that is used for website information collection, website information grabbing, including image, text and other information collection, processing and release. It is currently the Internet data collection software with the largest number of users. 10 years of building a powerful tool for web data collection.

After a certain collector

Houtou Collector-Export Unlimited Web Crawler Software_Artificial Intelligence Data Collection Software is a new generation of web page collection software developed by the former Google search technology team based on artificial intelligence technology. The software is powerful and easy to operate. A portable artifact for home travel.


Auxiliary data collector bypasses Cloudflare verification

Most data collectors on the market do not have a solution to bypass Cloudflare's human-computer verification. They need to use the Cloudflare API to help collectors bypass Cloudflare's second shield

  • Support Curl collector API
  • Support Python collector API
  • Support Nodejs collector API
  • Support Java collector API
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Provide data collector to configure crawler agent IP rotation

In response to the rigid demand of data collectors for proxy IPs, ScrapingbypassAPI has built-in dynamic proxy IP pools from 195 countries, fully meeting the needs for proxy IPs around the world during data collection

  • Local search results in 195 countries
  • Country, state, city or coordinate level targeting
  • Support intelligent rotation of dynamic data center IP of collector
  • Support dynamic residential IP intelligent rotation of the collector
Get Scrapingbypass API

ScrapingbypassAPI请求模式:HTTP API和Proxy


Applicable to all data collectors and cloud collectors

ScrapingbypassAPI has researched and adapted the mainstream data collectors on the market (Ba Mou Fish Collector, Huo Mou Tou Collector, Hou Mou Collector, etc.), making it more efficient and stable when docking with data collectors.

  • Bamou fish collector
  • Fire head collector
  • After a certain collector
  • Other cloud collectors
Get Scrapingbypass API

Scrapingbypass access process

1.Register an account

Register a Scrapingbypass API account, click Register

Register a Scrapingbypass proxy account, click Register

Scrapingbypass accounts are interoperable. You only need to register for one of them. Log in to the backend within 30 days after registration, click the "Activity" button, and receive a novice trial gift pack of points and traffic.

2.Code Generator

Enter your request address into: Code Generator and test whether it is completed Bypass Cloudflare verification.

The V1 version comes with a dynamic IP pool. If it is accessible, there is no need to configure an IP proxy;
The V2 version must be configured with a fixed IP or a time-effective IP, such as Cloudbypass dynamic IP. Set a time limit of more than 10 minutes. (pictured)

For technical assistance, please view the API documentation or Contact Customer Service for support.

3.Integrate Scrapingbypass API

Integrate the Scrapingbypass API code into your own code function module, complete the final debugging and use it.

4.Buy a package

Finally, choose a package to purchase according to your needs: price